Dear Zora Clients, 
It is 2021 and it is already 7 years ago that I took over ZORA. 
Thank you all for bringing in and choosing your new inspiring pieces in ZORA. 
Running a second-hand clothing shop was quite a big step after my life in the theatre world but I still love to do it and I am really happy that this way, by recycling clothing, I can contribute to a better world. 
Since my childhood mindful physicality has always been present in my daily life and I would like to share that. 
That’s why I made the choice to change ZORA into a bi-functional place, secondhand and yoga too with a personal touch.
The extension is going to happen before and after opening hours. 
The shop is not going to change, everything stays as it is, as a client of ZORA, you don’t have to worry about anything.
There will be yogaTOO in a small-group-setting with lots of personal attention to what and how. 
I would like to make the planning and the program of the practices, according to the needs and wishes of the participants. 
Maybe you have seen the shop window closed with a curtain when walking/biking by ZORA and you were wondering why? Some evenings of the week there are yoga classes with friends and invited, my guinea-pig-group,  already now in the shop.
I discovered yoga during my dance education in the 90’s and have been practising different yoga styles (vinyasa, ashtanga, Iyengar, hot, hatha, power, yin) ever since.
In my physical roles during my intensive period in the theatre world, I was able to apply this knowledge for my work and life.
Yoga helps me to be the best version of myself and confirms my ideas about the world.
With a sharp eye on good alignment I would like to make each practice joyful and painless but mindfully challenging and effortless effective, while totally present at the very moment.
Maybe sometimes it is not totally yoga as you know it, because I combine all my other physical and ‘body-mind-centering’ knowledge into the classes. 
With a personal attention for different bodies and minds, I would like to help everyone to practice yoga safe and effective. 
Yoga is actually a very sportive philosophy. 
It opens the body’s meridian system, calms and balances your body, your mind and your emotions. Yoga is stimulating your energy pathways and your connective tissue. And beside all that, just as a side effect, yoga has it’s positive influence on all our organs, blood circulation and a good mood for the day. 
Creating space in your muscles, your joint and in your mind in the same time revitalising your body, organs and brain. Hope to see you on the mat. 

Call or mail if you would like to try once a practice. 
Best regards Csilla